Felipe Hernando G

After his graduation as Agricultural Engineer in 1976, Felipe Hernando started his career in mushroom cultivation in the Champi-Rioja Enterprise, in Autol, La Rioja, Spain, during the period 1977 to 1991. The company was one of the first ones in Spain in supplying compost to the mushroom growers. Afterwards, was Technical Director and Partner of Micelios Fungicem in Autol, La Rioja, Spain, company dedicated to the production of mushroom spawn for the growers of Button and Oyster mushrooms.

Felipe had international experience as a founder and partner in the Fungis’ plant In Poland, company engaged in the production and supply of compost to local growers. In Argentina, was partner and Technical director of Champiñones Abrantes (Argentina) the largest mushroom operation in Argentina during his administration.

During the period 1995 to 2004 was Technical director of the Mushroom Growers Association of La Rioja and Navarra and its Research Centre (CTICH). From 1993 to present, is the owner and Manager of Micotec, company dedicated to the production of Exotic mushrooms. From 1998 to present is Partner and Technical Advisor of the company Agruset engaged in the Production of substrate for Pleurotus and Shiitake cultivation. During his professional career he has participated in nine plant construction projects, more than hundred projects in mushroom cultivation and 12 projects of handling, packaging and conservation of fresh mushrooms.

A Complete Life Resume can be downloaded from: resume_felipe_hernando.pdf.