Work Experience

LAHMANN ENTERPRISES is an International corporation with top standards of efficiency and very experienced in our field of expertise. We advise the most important companies in Latin America and have participated in projects in different parts of the world. Our experience covers projects from traditional type to the highest technology.


American Mushroom Institute, USA

2001 - present

International Society of Mushroom Science

1996 - present

A Complete Life Resume can be downloaded from: resume_Oscar_Lahmann.pdf.

Oscar Lahmann started his career in Mushroom Growing in 1972 in Costa Rica at American Mushroom Corporation as a Technical Director. In 1982 he immigrated to Canada with his family to accept a Grower position offered in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Since 1993 he has been an International Mushroom Consultant and has worked as far away as Ghana and India. His profession has led him to visit Holland, England, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Poland, USA, Eastern and Western Canada and most Latin American countries.