Consulting via Internet

The Consultant provides technical services related to client implementation projects before the standard support process begins. The delivery of the services may occur via phone or Internet. The advisor can assist the growers helping in solving problems in composting or growing and will evaluate the needs and urgency for a consulting visit.

Feasibility Studies

We can assist your company in preparing a feasibility study to evaluate the viability of your plans or projects. The study will measure your alternatives with a market assesment and a detailed technical and economic report.

New Projects and Upgrades

If you wish to establish a new farm or improve your growing facilities, is very important that your plans and projects be done according with the needs and conditions of your Area and Country. It is critical to consider and set the technological level according to the investment needed in each particular case. We can assist you in your project finding the optimum technology, size of the farm and growing rooms. Providing the logistic of raw materials supplies and final product sales.


LAHMANN ENTERPRISES is very active in the field of training and education for Growers and support staff. We provide services to many farms, mainly in Latin America. Our hands on growing experience allows us to offer the ideal balance of technical and practical knowledge to our clients.

Consulting in Growing and Composting

Considering the changes in markets and increasing cost of energy, raw materials and labour it’s critical for the Grower to obtain maximum efficiency, yield, and quality.

Compost is the base for growing. A good quality compost allows maximum efficiency. The farm crop yield potential and quality are established in the composting quality. The quality of the compost achieved in Phases I and II is critical because it’s not possible to correct the initial defects in the later stages of the production cycle, even using the best technology resources.

Is possible with our technical support to evaluate the compost operation techniques and improve the productive process efficiency. With regards to the later stages in mushroom growing, reviews and optimization are necessary to reach yield goals. In each farm there are unique differences that need to be addressed in order to achieve goals.